Doctor, Doctor….

lack of communication in business

Recently, I had the misfortune of having my son in the hospital for several days.  While he is ok now, it was quite an experience.  There were many aspects of what transpired during our stay that directly relate to business, and how NOT to deal with clients.  Perhaps most don’t think of hospitals as a … Continued

Start the New Year off Right – Focus on Clients

Start the New Year off Right – Focus on Clients

Happy New Year! This is the time of year where we think about what we are going to do better. Whether it’s going to gym or other self-improvement exercises, we start with the best intentions, then as time passes, so does our resolve. In our businesses, we know that we should do better with our … Continued

And the wheels came off….

One of the great things about sales performance is that the chance to practice and observe exists everywhere. Interactions occur often in our daily lives. In restaurants, retail stores, airlines, banks, etc. One of the most interesting examples is buying a car from a dealer. Well, being in need of a new car, that’s what … Continued

Fly fishing and jumping to solutions….

valuable lessons for our business lives

One of my favorite pastimes is to enjoy the serenity and beauty of fly fishing for trout.   Sometimes it feels a bit odd to try and outsmart a fish after working in high powered intellectual environment. Hard to believe for some that it is such a worthy adversary. Once in a while the mighty trout … Continued