“A sale is not just a sale. It’s an opportunity to build trust and a relationship that may lead to future sales.”


Companies need revenue; to operate, to grow, to improve and to stay competitive. Sales are crucial, which begs the question:

Is your sales team performing as well as they could be?

If you’re being honest, the answer is probably “no.” You may have great salespeople — but there’s always room for improvement. D3 works with you to build top performing sales teams, develop and coach sales managers, grow relationships and drive revenue. Our sales coaching includes:

  • Sales performance solutions and techniques
  • Sales process assessment
  • Sales team evaluation and training
  • Sales management
  • Building client relationships
  • Improving customer engagement

The D3 Difference on Sales Coaching

At D3 we understand people and companies. Your salespeople are on the front lines of client interactions and often the first impression clients have of your company. Over the years, we have seen many different sales training techniques. While many are effective, after several months, much of the training is forgotten and old habits resurface. Providing ongoing, actionable recommendations and reinforcement to consistently work on improving sales performance is the D3 Difference.

Together, we build a strategy to raise the bar. Assessing and taking the time to understand your situation, your sales goals, compensation plans, processes, and your company’s culture. Working with you to develop an action plan to help your sales representatives and managers on a broader and deeper level. Our sales coaching is focused on this plan and reassessing performance outcomes with you. We can also provide guidance around hiring salespeople and consult with you on both the sales process and sales strategy.

Testimonial quotes from clients

“David is able to bring value at every level, from our younger sales executives with three years of experience up to our senior managers and VPs with 30 years.”

– Managing VP of U.S. Sales


“He is a good listener. David pays attention to what you say, pauses or hesitations, and body language and helps you realize what may be an issue or what someone’s reaction can tell you.”

– Regional VP of Sales, Europe


“David has an outstanding track record in building and enhancing sales cultures resulting in an extraordinary performance. He is keenly aware of what needs to be done to manage and motivate salespeople in order for them to be as successful as possible. He is also a loyal and committed partner who understands how to build and maintain relationships.”

– Eric Baron, The founder of The Baron Group, Author of Innovative Team Selling and Selling is a Team Sport, Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School