You May Be Smarter Than a Kindergartener, But…

positive attitude in the workplace

This fall, I have been watching the local kids’ wrestling club practice. The children range in ages from Kindergarten through 2nd grade. My son is 1 of about 40 children who participate weekly. The coaches conduct drills designed to impart better understanding and appreciation for the sport. The rules are focused on showing respect and … Continued

Pedal faster….


The weather was nice for a change and I found myself with an hour or so to spare, so I jumped on my bike and went for a ride. I took my best bike, titanium, and rode a trail that I have ridden many times before. On the last leg of my ride, I saw … Continued

Nobody gives a $%#& until the numbers slip…


I recently had a conversation with a small business owner whom I have known for a while. He owned a local business to follow his passion and hoped to work for himself into his retirement years.  But now, he was on the verge of having to sell that dream business because of some poor decisions … Continued

“More of the same?” asked the trout…

Fly Fishing

Recently, my daughter and I took a weekend trip to the Catskill region of upstate New York.  We went fly fishing on the Delaware River. One evening, we stopped by the river that runs in front of the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. There was a lone fisherman wading in the river casting to a large … Continued

Power through the routine…

routine planning

Careful planning means attention to details and anticipating outcomes I recently vacationed in North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks.  It was my third time to Hatteras, a small village on the south end of the island.  The local economy largely depends on tourists who hire fishing boats, eat in restaurants and rent houses and hotel rooms. … Continued

What a difference a year can make…


Four steps to change your sales outcome I recently attended my daughter’s first lacrosse tournament — after only playing for 2 months. It was evident that there were some girls who were clearly playing on a different / higher level. I was very proud of her — she did very well considering her lack of … Continued

It’s not always about the money

sales process

Last week I began my search for a new tractor to help with the endless maintenance around my house.  I knew that I wanted something bigger than I have, and wanted to stay with the same brand.  I’ve owned 3 over the years of this brand and they’ve always been great.   I had made my … Continued

Newer is not always better…

newer isn't better

Newer is not always better… Last week I was going through some of my vinyl records.  I have a turntable and a decent selection of vinyl, both old and new.  When I make the time to sit and listen, I am blown away by the fullness and life-like quality of the sound.  To my ears, … Continued

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…


The other day, I was out on my bicycle for an early season ride.  I rolled along feeling like I’ve never ridden a bike before. I was speedily passed by a group of riders. I began to think – it must be their bikes.  Perhaps the drafting effect of riding in group.  It couldn’t be … Continued

How about now

pick up the phone to call clients, just to say hello

Picking up the phone to call clients or prospects can be difficult for many sales people.  I’ve heard all sorts of excuses.  “The timing isn’t right,” “I just sold them something,” “they aren’t happy with us” or “I have nothing to say.” There is no time like the present, and the best part is you … Continued