The sales process is a journey. There are many steps to think about BEFORE meeting with a client or prospect. There is the actual meeting, and then, there are actions to be taken AFTER the sale. Too often, salespeople and their managers focus on one aspect of the cycle without regard to the others. This is one reason why many fail at implementing and sustaining a great sales process – one that keeps both salespeople and clients flourishing. Enter SalesPath™.

SalesPath™ was developed by D3 Partners, LLC as a holistic, modular way of thinking about your clients and prospects. It is a methodology that incorporates the skillsets necessary to utilize before ever speaking with a potential client. It then flows into the actual meeting, marrying consultative selling skills with the proper preparation. Once the next phase begins, it incorporates after the sale techniques to help ensure continued success. We teach sales managers to become sales leaders and salespeople to add more value. SalesPath™ ties it all together. It is the path to success in sales.

The SalesPath™ process starts with an assessment to gauge skill levels, gaps, and areas of opportunity for your salespeople and sales management. Then, the appropriate workshops (virtual and/or in-person) and follow up coaching are implemented. We believe that Leaders can be great teachers — an integral part of driving success is the teaching of sales managers to coach the process.

D3 Partners, and SalesPath™ are a unique combination. While working in senior sales roles and working closely with internal and external trainers, it became apparent that something was missing. Firms were wasting money on specific sales training without seeing the bigger picture. Months later, retention was low and many of the issues impeding sales were still there. In addition to hands-on line experience, we have coached and consulted with many salespeople and managers with great success. We do not train – we teach people how to think so they can handle sales in the real world. We work with some of the best course delivery personnel who have many years of experience in delivering our curriculum.

If your sales process needs improvement or you have specific sales-oriented issues, please call and let’s talk.

Start moving down the right path – SalesPath™