For larger engagements, David is a Partner at Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI)–a sales performance consulting and training organization that delivers customized solutions to industry leading organizations around the globe.

The sales training philosophy at the core of PMI’s success include the following integral steps:

Sales Processes and Best Practices
PMI assists clients in their deployment of sales best practices that will enable salespeople to achieve higher levels of consistency and predictability in their sales execution. We invest the time “up-front” with clients to help them understand not just “what” it takes to win business, but also, “how” their salespeople deploy skills, tools and job-aids when they win. PMI equips clients to define and execute consistently against a sales process that is customized to fit the unique attributes of their businesses, including Pipeline and Forecast Management skills, tools, and job-aids, all of which are grounded in common definitions and terminology to optimize and synchronize sales team communication throughout the sale.

Value Articulation and Planning to Engage™
Selling is vastly different than it was in the last millennium, and engaging consultatively with customers is a required skill for sales success in today’s customer-driven world. Responding with tired techniques that are “feature/ benefit/response” oriented simply isn’t good enough if you are going to align effectively with your customers, position the strengths of your solutions, differentiate your unique business value and win. PMI’s Value Articulation and Planning to Engage™ workshops provide the tools, skills, best practices and probing questions that enable salespeople and account managers to drive more effective customer value conversations and higher competitive win rates.

Sales Opportunity Management and Planning to Win™
PMI’s Sales Opportunity Management and Planning to Win™ solutions are based upon the realization that as our clients’ go-to-market strategies differ – their competitive strategies and opportunity plans must differ, as well. Through our Sales Opportunity Management and Planning to Win™ solutions, customized opportunity assessment criteria are developed, customer-specific value propositions are built, effective account teams are engaged, sales strategies are deployed and action plans are implemented. We equip our clients’ account executives and account managers with the tools to proactively Plan to Win™ competitive sales opportunities, drive revenue and meet and exceed their sales quota objectives.

Strategic Account Management and Planning to Grow™
As one of the recognized global leaders in strategic account management best practices, PMI assists clients in deploying and implementing Strategic Account Management and Planning to Grow™ solutions that provide them with higher account growth rates, stronger opportunity win rates, more effective deployment of resources and increased levels of customer loyalty. Through our extensive work in the account management discipline, we have defined and published The Keys to Effective Account Planning for clients and this methodology provides the foundation for each PMI implementation. PMI clients benefit from a contemporary, “new millennium” approach to account business planning in which account teams meet together to learn and implement best practices, skills and tools, and build actionable account plans for specific strategic customers.

Collaborative Planning with Customers
PMI’s Collaborative Planning with Customers methodology includes a full suite of tools and deliverables that have been designed in our work with many of the world’s most recognized corporations and deployed with their most strategic customers. PMI clients that have implemented our Strategic Account Management and Planning to Grow™ solutions drive their account management effectiveness to the next level through the deployment of Collaborative Planning with Customers. This proven approach brings the customer and supplier together at the “planning table” in a facilitated workshop that is designed to connect customer and supplier teams and create a collaborative environment for customer problem solving.

Sales Management, Coaching and Review
New, more collaborative, and effective sales coaching has become a critical component of all successful deployments of sales performance solutions. PMI recognizes the challenges of today’s sales managers and leaders and has developed a high-impact, practical approach to sales coaching. By observing and leveraging the primary coaching skills and best practices of our clients’ top sales managers, PMI provides a unique program of coaching skills, tools and techniques to drive implementation and adoption of each PMI Sales Performance Solution, equipping sales managers and leaders with coaching tools, application-specific questions, and job-aids that are designed to help them coach when their sales people need it most: in the moment.


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